Compatible with 16" x 20" Hotronix® Auto Clam, MAXX® Clam, and Air FUSION heat presses. Wabash 100 ton Hydraulic Press, 24" Daylight, Heated and Cooled Platens View as Grid List. Built 1989. The electrically heated platens provide uniform heat distribution … You may also want to verify that you are getting even pressure throughout the platen. You can do this by placing four pieces of paper at each corner and then clamping down the upper platen. Rebuilt 30T Laboratory press Fully remanufactured in 2011 and as new with full warranty. Heated platen press, also widely known as hot press machine, can be supplied for lamination, bonding, curing or molding a variety of material. 300x300mm square heated Platens, Platens are Heated and cooled with air blast .designed for 0 - 280'C but we can fit new high temperature platens … Depending on the requirements, they can be supplied in up-stroking or down-stroking configurations. Standard air actuated presses that incorporate PHI’s specialized platen designs and advanced pneumatic/air over oil systems into a precision four post press. 6" x 20" Power Platen is not recommended for Hotronix® Auto Clam. Built 2000. Copyright © 2020 Macrodyne Technologies Inc. | Site Map. Platens and accessories to suit selected heat press from the likes of Adkins and Sefa. Most importantly, each and every electric platen we manufacture is custom-designed by our skilled team of engineers to meet your specific needs. Watch. Manufacturer: Carver Carver 3893.4DI0000 15 Ton Hydraulic Heated Press + Platen s 12x12" 450ºF (7188) In good … Optional heated platens are available for 500°F, 800°F and 1200°F operating temperatures, which are required for many other applications. Watch. XP7002 BMC349 PTFE Heat … Intended for applications requiring … or Best Offer. Welding of all disciplines. Lexson’s heated platen presses can be designed in multi-types … Electric & Steam Heating Platens for Hydraulic Presses Venango Machine is a machining company specializing in engineered Heated Platens, Hydraulic Press Platens and Compression Molding Platens … Hotronix Cap Heat Press Platens. Manual thermostat control - Basic heated platens are controlled by an integral sensor and individual manual thermostats. Add to compare list. For heat presses … Tech-L Heat Press Plates Kit Dual Heated Platens DIY Industrial Hydraulic Heat Extractor with Movable Control Box 4X7 Inch Build 8 to 20 Ton Hydraulic Press Machine 4.3 out of 5 stars 14 $289.99 $ 289 . 75 Ton Three-Opening Heated Platen Compacting Press. 75R2424P-UCS-H-Y2S5, Rebuilt In 1999, Cooling Timer, Electric Heated Platens, Water Heated Platen Press, #A5931 Filters. Local Pickup. Stock #8341HP. A heated platen is a heated metal plate that presses use to manufacture a variety of items. Great for molding, … Types: Heated Platen Presses, Hot Presses, Cold Presses, Inline Presses, Lab Presses, Single Opening Presses, Multiple Opening Presses and more. $69,500.00. The Wabash platen press is designed to heat and cool evenly across the surface of the platens. Heated platen presses are an optimal choice for many advanced manufacturing processes including: Macrodyne heated platen presses are highly versatile and can be supplied complete with a wide variety of ancillary equipment to further enhance productivity. Laboratory press with electric platens, isolated control panel that stays cool to the touch, precise temperature control with separate controls for each platen, and a two position ram. Equal opportunity employer with openings in machining and welding. As different applications call for different temperature ranges, heat rise, temperature uniformity and heating modes; we at PHI have designed a complete line of platens ranging from standard industrial platens to exotic high temperature platens for laboratory applications. See The Specs Genesis Presses can be Customized for … Available options include heating and cooling systems, press loading and unloading systems, specialized material handling and conveying systems, mold fill systems, process plate transfer systems, and more. … The separately controlled heat pedestal … Heat Presses / Platens & Accessories; Platens & Accessories. Our heated platen presses provide the repeatable and precise performance that offers the uniform pressure distribution required to produce a range of laminates, wood & composite panels, and molded/ vulcanized rubber products. Steam, thermal oil or electrically heated platens, Gas, propane or electrically fired heating systems. or Best Offer. 200 TON WABASH HYDRAULIC MOLDING/LAMINATING HEATED PLATEN PRESS: YBM #13098. Digital control - For more precise control, individual digital temperature controllers automatically control platen temperature from a separate control panel. Neff can add hot and cold platens to all of our frame styles and use them in a variety of applications including molding, laminating, binding, and composites. Oil heating is suitable for the entire … ThermoFlex Plus 15" Price: $9.00 - $300.00. From Wabash, Denison, Dake and more there are plenty of heated presses … Heat … Whether cartridge or strip, single or MultiZone, Venango Machine Company's electric platens offer the compression molder an alternative heating method—allowing faster heat up and recovery times versus traditional heating … 99 Siser. Call 800 … Siser Digital Cap Heat Press. From insulation to multi-zone heaters, Venango Machine has your replacement part. Manufacturers: Wabash, PHI, French Oil and others. We have designed and manufactured presses … 30t JBT Laboratory press. Siser. $2,200.00. Carver 3893 Auto Series 15 Ton Hydraulic Heated Press Platen s 12 x 12 450ºF 7188. All PHI platens utilize … 75 Ton Used PHI Hydraulic Laminating Press, 4 Post Press (Rebuilt in 1999), Mdl. PHI 4 Post Hydraulic Heated Platen Press 75 Ton x 24" x 18" $29,500 Model 75R2418 S-4HOS-P-YS8R. Shop our wide selection of accessory platens for a variety of heat press machines. A unique set of heated platen press specific options available for single and multiple daylight heated platen presses for laminate, wood, composite & rubber products. Presses with heated platens or hot surfaces can help mold materials that traditional cold presses cannot. Whether cartridge or strip, single or MultiZone, Venango Machine Company's electric platens offer the compression molder an alternative heating method—allowing faster heat up and recovery times versus traditional heating methods.