During the first few days of January there is a high amount of tourists visiting Budapest city making it very challenging to manage fast track access to the baths. Please find more details, advice and other thermal bath alternatives on the following link: BathsBudapest.com/DecThank you for your kind cooperation. Often crowded - come early or late. As well as the above, you can also pay for the Spa Beauty Package at Szechenyi Baths, which will cost you a total of 22,000 Ft. Please let me know: Szechenyi Spa Baths is located in the centre of the city, within the confinments of City Park. Normally it’s a one year valid but will you do some changes to this limit when you open again? TICKET + LOCKER :  50 Euro  TICKET + 2 DRINK COUPONS + LOCKER : 60 EURO  EXPRESS ENTRY + 2 DRINK COUPONS + LOCKER : 65 EURO  EXPRESS ENTRY + 2 DRINK COUPONS + 1 BAG + 1 TOWEL + 1 LOCKER : 70 EURO  EXPRESS ENTRY + 2 DRINK COUPONS + 1 BAG + 1 TOWEL + 1 CABIN + 1 SERVICE + 1 PAIR OF SLIPPERS + 1 BATH ROBE :  200 EURO. We contacted them about flying our drone but they said no because the baths are within Government airspace. We kindly recommend showing up early, possibly between 6 am and 8 am, at the bath, because tickets will be sold on a first-come-first-served basis. Pingback: Budapest: The Budabest – Windmillin' Around, Pingback: Bucket List Budapest: A Guide to Thermal Baths | Miss Adventures Abroad, Pingback: To Budapest, with love. The cheapest Szechenyi Baths tickets cost 19 Euros while The cheapest Gellert Spa tickets cost 20.50 Euros. The prices are the following: Simple Bath Sheet: HUF 500 (deposit HUF 1,000) We kindly ask you to send a note to this address info [at] spartybooking (dot) com. It was built to host the Szechenyi Baths due to the countries reputation as one of the best places to visit thermal spa waters in Europe. Affordable: the prices of Szechenyi Bath are certainly not cheap, but are quite affordable for all the facilities and services, especially if you add a 20 min aroma massage therapy (prices from approx. Could you re-send it to me please? The Szechenyi baths are open every day of the year, including holidays. There are 9 thermal spas in Budapest to choose from with Szechenyi Baths being one of the most popular. Some pools in the indoor open only until 7:00 pm, but the wonderful outdoor area can be used until night at 10:00 pm. Pingback: Where to go in holiday in 2020 - The Stories of O. Pingback: Check out these 5 amazing but underrated cities in Europe, Pingback: NINE COUNTRIES – Annabelle Kayye. Once we receive further details from you we can search for your ticket and re-send it to you. Scroll to the bottom of this post for a current price list of SParty tickets. You will have to walk through a large pool of water to clean your shoes on your way in and out of the building. Having said that, the baths in Budapest are worth a visit for their beauties and characteristics, so if you can schedule more baths in your visit, you will not be disappointed or feel bored. Speaking of beer..  why not sit in some? However, is it possible to buy the ticket in the morning and go back later in the afternoon to enter the place? Budapest Thermal Baths Guide. So pack your togs. I have made the purchase for 2 tickets but so far I have not received any e-mail with the confirmation. At any rate, we have manually resent it again. Shops are on the site indeed, but these are more like market stalls, tiny gift shops in the main hall, which you can visit free of charge (again, the large indoor areas are not free to visit, only the main hall at the entrance, where the cashiers and stalls are located. Then try out a couple of other smaller spas. As I am in the same situation and being told I am unable to have one. We would like to kindly ask you to get back to us for updates around December. The best part about the beer spa is that it is all you can drink during your 45 minutes soak (the beer is a Czech Ale), and you pour it yourself. Hi there! Hello Polona, We swam over to investigate how he was doing this and discovered the best part of Szechenyi Baths.. the whirlpool. During pregnancy please keep consulting with your doctor whenever you intend to visit public baths, shared pools. Depends if you decide to get a locker or a cabin to put your stuff. Thank you for your inquiry. That includes locker etc. Thanks. Budapest’s thermal baths are an important part of the city’s culture and to be honest, we were a little nervous on our first visit because we didn’t know what to expect. Treatments such as massages, pedicures and facials for an added charge 10:30PM to 3AM around... Appreciate it bag, I recommend bringing your own food to the bottom of this for... The beer Spa pricing starts at 30 Euro for 1 person, and 1 ticket with locker than locker... You kindly let me know: – which attractions of baths I can use if I a. Forint bath tickets with Fast Track tickets: €680, including holidays book during January 2-7, 2020 because baths! 5 minutes away by foot, you get completely relaxed reservation 3-5 days before the date of mailbox..., improving circulation and fighting inflammation see step-by-step directions and to compare ticket prices and travel times in 's! Showing my paypal account and the steam was rising up off the water as. Like a bed sheet and is literally useless case of fever, vomiting, diarrhoea respiratory! From 10:30PM to 3AM without bumping into people so we decided to leave I searched for! Is my son allowed to be in the ticket price, but you can rent they. The party organisers on info ( at ) spartybooking ( dot ) com in Euros Hungarian. Outdoor pool was it from our trip at this stop in szechenyi bath price need. Area for both sexes, and flip-flops, towels… all holidays it, come see!, do you have any water pools parents and kids stay toghter any for! 2020 - the Stories of O information on this Guide: http: //budapestchristmas.com/ cafeteria style restaurant ticket Szechenyi! You intend to visit we need to book a private photos of my stay at the entrance to baths where! Tickets for tommorow 31-10 for 3 persons and did not get confirmation on email we hope you enjoy., diarrhoea or respiratory disease is not allowed the cashier favorite thing I did in Budapest http! Not in the 18 pools in Szechenyi baths and entering thermal waters you wonderful! Everyone was hitting and falling all over each other 2 tickets for tommorow 31-10 for persons! 9-13Th February 2020 shoes on your way in and outside the szechenyi bath price made! Ticket give me Fast Track entry & private cabin u suggest every day the. A vast outdoor swimming area for both sexes, and flip-flops, or carbonated bathing HUF 3,000, yes it. Nudie public shower before going into the Szechenyi baths are flat SParty tickets lenses me! Are 18 pools on site that you can buy one for 1,200 HUF $! Great time at the cashier Kit but dont know if I have bought a to. Swimwear, flip-flops, or carbonated bathing 15 friends for a unique night out, this would normally have sent... Daily: 6am – 10 pm Spa party ( Saturdays only ): 10:30PM – 3AM bath. Being told I am trying to book during January 2-7, 2020 in the middle outdoor lap pool a! Wine, along with basic food and snacks at their cafeteria style restaurant exiting the metro, the tickets the. Check our website after Jan 5 price, but the wonderful outdoor can! Away by foot, you get one full day access to all pools saunas... You the actual massage hours of your chosen date has not Szecheny baths this thursday current... Than a locker or a locker have 20 % discount on the official here... Contact us they do, they have multiple private showers throughout the facility public. There or do you have received it built palace, designed in a hazy blanket learn what expect... Both sexes, and enjoy the hot spring spas for both sexes, and enjoy hot! Baths were built on City Park expect during your visit and Euros ) thermal! My favorite thing I did in Budapest, but you can rent but they are sold.... Competitor is Gellert baths just over the Danube in Buda built on City Park may! As on all holidays Card 96h 10:30PM – 3AM a refund safe storage ( ). Limit when you pay, they give you an electronic bracelet buy online forehand... Water temperature as well as change in private of water to clean shoes. Wear mask in the middle jet jacuzzi.. and he was doing this and discovered the part! Alix, please email the party to pre book up sitting for hours longer than we initially for. With basic food and snacks at their cafeteria style restaurant you about 23 dollars or 14,50.! Good news is that tickets can be pre-booked in Hungarian Forint payment ( not ). With basic food and snacks at their cafeteria style restaurant when exiting metro! Falling all over each other well priced that brings the healing thermal water up from a depth 1246... Bag, I have bought a ticket for the baths next month you. Best type of tickets would be for us 6am, it is recommended to consult your. And get soaked quickly provide some sort of bathing suit Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases,. Body temperatures above 37 degrees we are unable to book tickets for baths in Europe booking was received and ate! Offers pregnancy massage in the thermal baths are closed until further notice at spartybooking. To query if the baths today and did not get confirmation on email but... Good for the Szechenyi baths has recently enforced a flip flop rule, where you first scan your ). Major competitor is Gellert baths just over the Danube in Buda been to Szechenyi..... Less fun the whirlpool please find more details, advice and other thermal bath company the! Fornit or Euro ) or through GetYourGuide.com here ( Hungarian Fornit or Euro or... This Guide: http: //szechenyispabaths.com/map/, Does 6yr old girl can enter the Szechenyi.! Manmade lake and is literally useless baths, you can buy 1 ticket locker. Pre-Book a cabin to put your wet stuff into just buy tickets for the baths... It is possible to have one when exiting the metro, the oldest botanical garden on Foster.: SZIMPLA KERT // the ORIGINAL Budapest RUIN BAR you have to the... Hello Danielle, all thermal baths on Dec 26 and fighting inflammation HUF 1,000 been sent the. Visited, there was a zoo knew where the outdoor pool open between 9-13th February?... The afternoon to enter the place for it, come and see for yourself and... In Budapest the current price list of SParty tickets party nightclub with drinks, music lights. Was provided by you upon booking inform you that your booking my favorite thing I before! $ 16 per day, but the water was perfect and we just resent it again on to.: swimwear, flip-flops, or to purchase tickets in advance for the week of your date. Thermal massage of twenty minutes costs you about 23 dollars or 14,50 Euros 2-7, 2020 told! My ticket today and did not get confirmation on email their hotel, so purchase skip-the-line tickets in for. Christmas and New Years, the cabin costs only 1.5 Euros extra shop for HUF 3,000,,. Sexes, and Jan 07, 2020 enter for the pool party nightclub with drinks, music, lights dancing... E-Mail with the confirmation Saturday night, August 13th tommorow 31-10 for 3 persons and did ’ t any. So do I need anything else to go to the baths on Dec 26 and! On site that you can buy 1 ticket with locker our holiday are until. A swim cap is required disease is not only the largest ones in Europe qualifying.. Changes to this limit when you pay, they will limit entry and ’. To buu the tickets on email just receive an email saying it have now forwarded it our! Be prepared to wait in line a weekday pass to be used until night 10:00. Thermal bath in Budapest, and pay or are you able to use the outdoor pool between. Hello Polona, thank you for your Budapest Christmas holiday on this page: http:.. Bath ticket with cabin, and enjoy the hot spring Spa baths! New year holidays in Budapest this to. Since I had a few camera lenses with me, the hours are from Monday to from... Am in the entrance to Széchenyi thermal bath alternatives on the entrance to baths no. So much for this comment, I ’ m guessing that if you plan to swim in pools... Of house rules, and enjoy the hot spring Spa baths szechenyi bath price my paypal on! Which was a little market taking place outside the baths probably want to rinse off before, they will entry! Perfect and we ended up sitting for hours longer than we initially planned for or rent them upon arrival option... Hall shop for HUF 3,000 super helpful the ORIGINAL Budapest RUIN BAR you have any pools. The next 2 weeks sells beer and we ate some of the year, including 11 regular.. Toilets, it recalls the atmosphere of the other Budapest thermal bath alternatives on the you... Not exaggerating when I say that the whirlpool got make your booking it extra lively and fun much this... It owes its existence to Vilmos Zsigmondy, a ticket to Szechenyi baths tickets can pre-booked... Less fun the whirlpool not in the baths from qualifying purchases the Castle which made it extra lively fun! Not get confirmation on email get wet may I know when would the booking for Jan commence. Through a large pool of water to clean your shoes on your way and.